Ultrasonic cleaning for utensils, hardware & brass industries

Our high-end Ultrasonic cleaning is extensively utilized in the metal finishing and utensils industry. The cleaning is done after polishing of:

  • Cutlery
  • Taps
  • Pots and pans
  • Chandeliers
  • Handles, etc

In this process of manual or automatic polishing mixtures with animal or vegetable greases and different abrasive substances like as corundum or corubin, aluminum or tripoli powders,etc., are utilized.

Until now these washing working processes were done with organic boiling solvents, like Tri chloro Ethylene & other chlorinated solvents which is now banned due to its harmful effects to the environment & human health. According to the survey continuous exposes to TCE vapor can cause cancer & effects nervous system. We have a very special solvent equivalent to TCE which is environmental friendly and accepted world wide as a safe replacement of TCE. We can make different types with different stages of ultrasonic cleaner cum vapor degreaser which is best suitable for these solvents. Some of the features of ULTRASONIC vapor degreasers are :

  • Gradual & indirect heating which does not disintegrate the solvent.
  • Double free board zone with maximum number of cooling coils.
  • Built in chilling unit
  • Proprietary designed Water separator.
  • Fully automatic safety features.
  • Totally enclosed with automatic handling system.
  • We also make single tank ultrasonic cleaning systems used widely for removing buffing compounds before electro plating process.