Single Chamber Unit

Product Details :

The Single Chamber Unit is designed to set on a countertop, placed into a cut away, or put in a custom built stainless steel frame for portability. This unit's ability to be used singly or incorporated into a system makes it adaptable to almost any application. The rugged design includes heavy gauge stainless steel construction to stand up to any environment.

Economically designed for tough batch cleaning, Single Chamber Units are ideal for the removal of oils, ground in buffing and polishing compounds and a variety of hard-to-remove contaminates. The powerful scrubbing action of the exclusive piezo ceramic ultrasonic transducers reaches even the smallest of crevices and blind holes.

The Single Chamber Units use Highclean’s environmentally safe, water-based cleaning formulations to remove soils from a wide variety of metal, plastic, ceramic or glass parts -- without the use of solvents or harmful chemicals

Ideal For Incorporation Into Your Existing Cleaning System. Consider These Features Of Highclean’s Single Chamber Unit

Salient Features:

  • Transducers Mounted on Studs by Special High Capacitance Welding
  • Mesh Type SS Baskets
  • Thermostatic Controlled Heating

Optional Features:

  • Castor Wheels
  • Level Sensors
  • Mechanical / Electronic Timers
  • Digital Temperature Indicator/ Controller
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • Filtration System
  • Oil skimmers

Typical Application:

  • Jewellery and Precious Stones
  • Optics and Lenses
  • Dental and Medical Instruments
  • Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals
  • Disk-Drives
  • PCBs and Hybrid Circuits
  • Semiconductor Components
  • Watch Parts
  • Precision Mechanics
  • Degassing of Solvents
  • Homogenizing and Sono-Chemistry and other General Industrial Application
Average Ultrasonic Power Tank Material Tank outer cabinet material Tank Size
L x W x H (inch )
Tank Capacity (litres) Generator Type Input Power A/C
UC-150 W SS316/ 16G SS304/M.S. 7’’x6’’x6’’ 3.90 Built-in / seperate 1 Ph
UC-250 W SS316/16G SS304/M.S. 10’'x8’’x6’’ 7.50 Built-in / seperate 1 Ph
UC-300 W SS316/ 16G SS304/ M.S. 8’’x8’’x10’’ 10.00 Built-in / seperate 1 Ph
UC-500 W SS316/16G SS304/ M.S. 15’’x12’’x10’’ 28.00 Built-in / seperate 1 Ph
UC-600 W SS316/16G SS304/ M.S. 12’’x12’’x18’’ 40.50 Built-in / seperate 1 Ph
UC-750 W SS316/16G SS304/ M.S. 15’’x12’’x18’’ 51.00 Built-in / seperate 3 Ph
UC-1000 W SS316/16G SS304/ M.S. 24’’x12’’x18’’ 81.00 Built-in / seperate 3 Ph
UC-1500 W SS316/16G SS304/ M.S. 30’’x145’’x18’’ 126.00 Built-in / seperate 3 Ph
UC-2000 W SS316/16G SS304/ M.S. 30’’x18’’x20’’ 168.00 Built-in / seperate 3 Ph
UC-2500 W SS316/16G SS304/ M.S. 36’’x12’’x18’’ 201.00 Built-in / seperate 3 Ph
UC-3000 W SS316/16G SS304/ M.S. 40’’x20’’x20’’ 250.00 Built-in / seperate 3 Ph

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