The Most Powerful Tabletop Ultrasonic Cleaner Available
Highclean Ultrasonics Table top cleaner is a compact, stainless steel cleaner that delivers the power and reliability you'd expect from a more expensive industrial model. Utilizing exclusive piezo ceramic ultrasonic transducers and a heavy gauge, polished stainless steel housing, the compact cleaner offers outstanding performance and value when compared to cheap disposable piezoelectric units. Use of durable stainless steel materials and analog controls provide for minimal maintenance and years of trouble-free service.
The Tabletop cleaner uses Highclean’s environmentally safe, water-based cleaning formulations to remove soils from a wide variety of metal, plastic, ceramic or glass parts -- without the use of solvents or harmful chemicals.
Consider These Key Features And Benefits Of Highclean’s Tabletop Cleaner:
* 30 minute timer for accurate cycle times
* Drain valve makes draining and refilling quick and easy
* Stainless steel cabinet, parts basket (optional) and lid (optional) holds up to virtually any environment
* piezo ceramic transducers
* Industrial design/durability
* 30-40 kHz Sweep Frequency generator provides effective cavitation with no standing waves or hot spots
Technical Specifications
Specification are subject to change without notice
 Ultrasonic Power

Tank outer cabinet material

Tank Size
 L x W x H (inch )
Tank Capacity  (litres) Generator Type
 Power A/C

 UC-150 W

SS316/ 16G

SS304/ M.S.



Built-in / seperate

 1 Ph

UC-250 W SS316/ 16G

SS304/ M.S.

10’'x8’’x6’’ 7.50 Built-in / seperate

 1 Ph

 UC-300 W SS316/ 16G

SS304/ M.S.

8’’x8’’x10’’ 10.00 Built-in / seperate 1 Ph

 UC-500 W



15’’x12’’x10’’ 28.00 Built-in / seperate 1 Ph