Immersible Transducers

Product Details :

Highclean ImmersibleTransducers make it easy for you to add ultrasonic cleaning and degreasing efficiency without the investment required for self-contained units -- because you use your own tanks.

Economically designed for tough cleaning applications, the Immersibles are ideal for the removal of oils, ground-in buffing and polishing compounds and a wide variety of other hard-to-remove contaminates. Piezo ceramic transducers are welded into water-tight, stainless steel submersible units. These units are equipped with mounting hooks and plumbed to your specifications. The powerful and effective scrubbing action of the exclusive piezo ceramics ultrasonic transducers reaches even the smallest of crevices and blind holes.

Examples Of Specific Applications:

  • Plating process (wash) - For complete removal of buffing compounds and other soils
  • Plating Process (rinse) - Ultrasonics provide a more effective rinse by driving water into recesses and blind holes
  • Alkaline immersion cleaning - Improved cleanliness before application of electricote; provides better adhesion
  • Neutralization process - Ultrasonics will drive the alkaline solution into tight areas which hold acidic chemicals

The Immersible Transducers use Highclean’s environmentally safe, water-based cleaning formulations to remove soils from a wide variety of metal, plastic, ceramic or glass parts -- without the use of solvents or harmful chemicals.

Economically Designed. Consider These Features Of Higclean Immersibles:

  • Portable; Easy movement from one tank to another
  • Easily Adapted to existing process lines (Plating, Electroplating or anyplace that requires precision cleaning
  • Industrial design and durability
  • Piezo ceramic transducers
  • 30-40 kHz Sweep Frequency generator provides effective cavitation with no standing waves or hot spots

Technical Specifications:

Specification are subject to change without notice.

Model No. HU-01 HU-02 HU-03
Overall dimensions 9" x 12" x 4.25" Deep 12" x 18" x 4.25" Deep 18" x 25" x 4.25" Deep
Immersible material 16 Ga. 316L SS; 2B finish - -
Radiating diaphragm 316L SS 316L SS 316L SS
Standard electrical 240V, 1 Phase; 60Hz, 5A 240V, 1 Phase; 60Hz, /440 V + Neutral 240V, 1 Phase; 60Hz, /440 V + Neutral
Ultrasonic power 500 Watts 1000 Watts 2000 Watts
Mounting Mounting hooks on long or short side (customer specified) - -
Cable generator SS water-tight conduit with 10' interconnected seal-tight cable. - -
Options Custom sizes / 316 SS cover / Additional cable in 10' increments up to 100' / Timer. - -

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